White papers

White papers written by industry experts

A white paper is a straightforward introduction to working with Cass Consulting. Many clients who have commissioned business white papers go on to develop longer-term relationships with us. White papers are an in-depth tool used to inform clients and the public about a particular issue that affects them. They are not necessarily intended to 'sell' a product or service.

Properly used, our business white papers are a valid means of promoting your organisation. Well researched, carefully argued white papers often serve as a highly effective way of influencing policy or attracting the attention of government. Given their practical knowledge of their subject areas, Cass academics are expertly qualified to help you produce rounded and convincing white papers. Moreover, our media profile will help your white paper to be noticed by the people you are trying to reach and influence.

Contact us and access our academic insights to help you examine current issues and trends in the market by commissioning a business white paper from Cass Consulting.