Strategic Decision Making for Leaders

Strategic Decision Making for Leaders

Strategic Decision Making for Leaders

Ideally, decisions get made when there's time for data collection and analysis; that way rational choices can be made. But most leaders work in a sub-optimal world when information or time isn't available and tough choices or difficult decisions have to be made.

Course Dates 2016 - 27-28 February 2017

Fee- £1,995 (No VAT is charged) Includes all meals, refreshments and programme materials.

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Programme overview

Leaders and managers must deal with high levels of uncertainty, an ever-changing competitive landscape and diverse virtual teams. Some imply long-term investments and consequences, whereas others require agility and optionality. Understanding the tools and techniques that enable them to lead complex decision-making processes with rigorous and critical thinking will help them incentivise and make the right decisions even under pressure and with imperfect information to hand.

Who is the programme for?

Executives and senior managers across all departments who are moving from tactical to strategic roles and are involved in cross-functional decision making will benefit from this programme. It is equally important to those whose industries are experiencing high levels of uncertainty and change. This includes anyone dealing with important multi-stakeholder decisions in the private or public sector.