Costas Grammenos left his homeland to study in Britain - and pioneered an academic discipline. Stefan Stern looks at his remarkable achievements.

Robin Cave, Chief Executive of the commodity house Czarnikow, discusses food, fuel and the future with Stefan Stern, Visiting Professor at Cass.

Michael Cole-Fontayn, EMEA Chief Executive at BNY Mellon, is proud to be seen as steady and a little old-fashioned. He, and his bank, are in it for the long term, says Stefan Stern.

Paul Whittaker, a Chief Executive at RSA who, as a Human Resources Director, learnt the value of putting people first.

As Threadneedle forges links with Cass, Stefan Stern interviews Crispin Henderson, its Chief Executive and finds out what it takes to manage £64.8 billion of investors' funds.