Give your business an academic edge

Cass Consulting is a research-led consultancy service provided by Cass Business School, a world-leading business school situated in the heart of the City of London, that takes academic research and skills and applies them to deliver great results for your business.

  • Cass's academic research is rigorous, outward-facing and impartial. While grounded in theory it is always relevant to practice.
  • Our consultants work with clients to interpret and apply the outcomes of research in a tailored way to improve business performance.
  • We work with each individual client to discover and define their specific requirements, and then draw on the collective knowledge of our faculty to develop the right approach to answering this need.

Our areas of expertise include financial and professional services, actuarial science and insurance, business management and the third sector.

Work with us
Clients can come to us with business problems and issues at any stage. Some of them know exactly what they need us to do; others are less able to articulate the problem they are facing; some clients have already tried another approach and it hasn't worked. Whatever the background and context, we will help.

In every case, we will start with an in-depth meeting that aims to develop a detailed diagnosis of the client's needs. This meeting is usually between the client and Cass Consulting's Client Director and assigned faculty experts. We will then advise on what we think is the best way to proceed.

We will assemble a research team to work on a client project. This approach is highly effective when finding a solution to a specific challenge: mixing people at different levels and with different experiences can generate new ways of looking at previously intractable problems.

The research team works to a detailed plan with defined outputs and an agreed reporting structure so that at every stage the client knows what is happening.

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