Get out and about and be a winner

Neo-networking should not be the preserve of senior management - spreading the opportunity to connect down the corporate ladder gives a company a competitive edge.

Sandhurst: lessons in leadership?

The aims of the Army's officer academy and the techniques it uses could help to create more effective managers in a commercial environment.

Education, education, education... for MPs

Politicians need training, too - but they could give businessmen and women lessons in leadership.

Let charities help to balance the boardroom

Studies agree that companies do better with diverse directors and a percentage of women at the top. Lynne Berry, OBE, Senoir Visitig Fellow at Cass, identifies a ready source of experienced candidates.

The funding conundrum

Professor of Statistics at Cass, looks at proposals for long-term care - and puts forward an alternative.

How to get the most from your piggy bank

Advises on effective saving and investing.

Clocking into the 21st century

The traditional working day belongs in the age of industry, not technology. It's time for managers to grasp the benefits of a new approach.

When Money's tight, spend more

Companies should increase advertising in times of austerity, not cut back, argues Vincent-Wayne Mitchell, Professor of Consumer Marketing at Cass.

Ladies first? It's time we were

Women's evolved strengths - collaboration and sharing - are more important than male leadership skills.

Why the plight of women managers in Asia matters to us

Examining the social and cultural barriers they face and the steps needed for change can give us an insight into what is important in our own post-crisis chaos.

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