Articles in "Charity and Non-Governmental Sector"

Developing a better understanding of Community Foundations in the UK

Author(s): Tobias Jung et al.

With a greater emphasis on localism currently being seen in public policy discourse, this paper examines the role played by Community Foundations in furthering the tenets of community leadership and philanthropy. The paper then challenges the 'single model' view of UK Community Foundations.

Family foundation philanthropy in an international context

Author(s): Cathy Pharoah

The role of major donor philanthropy in the changing environment of global wealth creation and emerging social need has been of significant economic and policy interest to governments, fundraisers and beneficiaries alike.

This paper aims to provide a comparative international assessment of the private

philanthropy of major donors and their families in the new global era by focusing on giving through family foundations.

Tax or beg? Mandatory payments to charity and their effects on donor behaviour

Author(s): Tom McKenzie

Charitable organisations derive income from various sources - directly through voluntary donations provided by individual people, and indirectly through funds provided by the state. It is perhaps natural to wonder why the state is required to finance these organisations when it is individual people who vote for government in the first place and pay for its spending via their taxes.

The purpose of this study is to ask whether such mandatory payments to charity would lead to higher contributions than a system of purely voluntary donations.

To practise what we preach: an exploratory survey of values in charities

Author(s): Andrew Forrest et al.

With many charities relying increasingly on volunteers to maintain their level and quality of service to their beneficiaries, more work is needed to make volunteers feel involved in shaping the values of the organisations they work for.

These are some of the findings of an exploratory survey into the use of organisational values within UK based charities, carried out by the Centre for Charity Effectiveness at Cass Business School. The report, entitled "To practise what we preach- a survey of values within charities", looks at whether values are used effectively by charities and whether organisations involve staff, beneficiaries and volunteers in drafting them.

Seasonal patterns in household giving in the UK

Author(s): Cathy Pharoah et al.

Ideally, charities require a regular income throughout the year to enable them to plan ahead. Data from the national Expenditure and Food Survey however reveals that levels of giving fluctuate throughout the year. The research also highlights the differing patterns of giving for different types of households.

Scoping the charity outsourcing market

Author(s): Cathy Pharoah

This research, commissioned by Charity Business (providers of outsourced services to the charity sector) in the summer of 2008, looks at the potential use of outsourcing in the voluntary sector, particularly in light of the current economic climate.

The British are not coming! UK higher education and the nonprofit sector

Author(s): Paul Palmer

This article explores the factors that have prevented parallel growth in education provision. It argues that the university as an institution, both in terms of its nature and its power structures, is one of those factors. It presents the story of the closing of the world's first voluntary sector course at the London School of Economics and concludes with reflection on the likely future of voluntary sector management education provision in the United Kingdom.

Staying ethical in a downturn

Author(s): Roger Steare

Roger Steare is Visiting Professor of Organisational Ethics at Cass. In this multimedia presentation he introduces the ethicability® framework.

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