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The Visible Hand of Consultants in the Construction of Markets for Virtue

Author(s): Jean-Pascal Gond

Despite the resurgence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), little is known about the social construction of CSR markets. This paper looks at the visible hand of management consultants in the creation of markets for virtue. It sheds light on three distinctive roles played by CSR consultants: as social and environmental issues translators, market boundary negotiators, and responsive regulation enactors. These roles clarify the regulative dynamics underlying CSR commodification and advance our understanding of consultancy work in the CSR domain.

Developing a better understanding of Community Foundations in the UK

Author(s): Tobias Jung et al.

With a greater emphasis on localism currently being seen in public policy discourse, this paper examines the role played by Community Foundations in furthering the tenets of community leadership and philanthropy. The paper then challenges the 'single model' view of UK Community Foundations.

'Deep change' to banking ethos needed.

Author(s): Andre Spicer

How best to respond to the iniquities uncovered within the financial sector in recent years? Better communication, harsher punishments and stronger regulation have been touted as ways to hold banks to account - but it is important to look more deeply to achieve real and lasting change. Professor André Spicer assesses the options.

Employer disability practice in Britain: assessing the impact of the Positive About Disabled People ‘Two Ticks’ symbol

Author(s): Kim Hoque et al.

Awarded to employers by Jobcentre Plus, the Two Ticks symbol is intended to help disabled job applicants identify employers that have made positive commitments regarding the treatment of disabled people within recruitment, training and retention processes. This paper assesses the extent to which employers displaying the Positive About Disabled People 'Two Ticks' symbol adhere to their commitments, and whether adherence is greater in Two Ticks than non-Two Ticks workplaces. It also assesses levels of support for and dialogue with Disability Champions in Two Ticks workplaces. These issues are explored in the public and private sectors separately.

Unions, joint regulation and workplace equality policy and practice in Britain: evidence from the 2004 Workplace Employment Relations Survey

Author(s): Nicolas Bacon et al.

The impact of trade unions on discrimination and labour market inequality has been a matter of public concern for many years. Recently, however, observers have suggested that unions have increasingly sought to prioritise equality matters. There is a growing expectation, for example, that they will actively bargain over equality and encourage employers to adopt equality practices in order to protect workers from discrimination. Hence, unions may now have a central role to play in advancing the equality agenda and ultimately helping promote a more inclusive society. This article provides an empirical assessment of the relationship between unionisation and the adoption of equal opportunities policies and practices in British workplaces, using data from the 2004 Workplace Employment Relations Survey.

Can the online gambling industry continue to grow profits whilst protecting players?

Author(s): Simo Dragicevic et al.

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainability debate has particular relevance to the gambling industry given the shift towards focusing on encouraging wellbeing in society. Governments and regulators are also becoming increasingly focused on the online industry to ensure gambling offerings uphold socially responsible standards that protect players.

Cass Ethics with Lisa Cowan: humanitarian competition

Author(s): Lisa Cowan et al.

In the seventh edition of Cass Ethics, Lisa Cowan Cass EMBA alumni introduces the Humanitarian Competition framework.

Cass Ethics with Jan Grasty: President of UN Women UK

Author(s): Edouard Larpin

In the 10th edition of Cass Ethics, Jan Grasty, President of UN Women in the UK, discusses women discrimination in the UK and abroad and how the organisation is fighting it.

Cass Ethics with Geraint Anderson: author of 'Cityboy'

Author(s): Edouard Larpin

In the eigth edition of Cass Ethics, Geraint Anderson who spent 12 years as a City boy, tells us about his bestseller and the realities of working as an analyst in the Square Mile.

Cass Ethics with Simo Dragicevic: online gambling

Author(s): Edouard Larpin et al.

In the fifth edition of Cass Ethics, Simo Dragicevic EMBA student at Cass Business School explains how his for profit start-up Bet Buddy benefits both online gamblers and virtual casinos.

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