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The Intelligent Exploiter

Author(s): Clive Holtham

Clive Holtham, Professor of Information Management at Cass Business School, is the man behind the recent publication of the Intelligent Exploiter framework. We asked him about the framework, and the opportunities it provides in the world of IT. Professor Clive Holtham is interviewed by Dr Martin Rich. Both are Cass Experts. Included is the transcript and a summary of the key points.

Lender of last resort

Author(s): Geoffrey Wood

Geoffrey Wood, Professor of Economics at Cass Business School, has written very widely on the subject of lender of last resort and its role in the ubiquitous global financial crisis. This is a video Q and A with Geoffrey Wood conducted by Alistair Milne. Both are Cass Experts. Included is the transcript and a summary of the key points.

Confused about your brand? You might not be but your consumers certainly are...

Author(s): Vincent Mitchell

Consumer confusion is a strange phenomenon within the business world, and Vincent-Wayne Mitchell, Professor of Consumer Marketing at Cass Business School, is the "absolute authority" on the subject. This is a video Q and A with Vincent Mitchell conducted by Caroline Wiertz. Both are Cass Experts. Included is the transcript and a summary of the key points.

Do UK retail investors buy at the top and sell at the bottom?

Author(s): Andrew Clare et al.

In this paper we examine market level data on the net investment into broad categories of UK mutual funds (known as unit trusts) collated by the Investment Management Association (IMA).

Accounting valuation and the credit crisis

Author(s): Alistair Milne

Alistair Milne and Perry Mehrling, together with Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University, propose using government credit insurance guarantees to combat the credit crisis. Their idea is to use these guarantees to put a floor under the prices of the better quality tranches of structured credit securities, hence restoring liquidity to credit markets and arresting the global credit contraction.

Monkeys vs Fund managers - An evaluation of alternative equity indices

Author(s): Andrew Clare et al.

A research collaboration between Aon Hewitt and Cass Business School has shown that alternative weighted indices offer better investment strategies than those of the market capitalisation index. Indeed, a computer simulation of random stock-picking, likened to the decision making of a monkey, outperformed a traditional market capitalisation weighted index every time.

Optimal capital allocation principles

Author(s): Andreas Tsanakas

This paper develops a unifying framework for allocating the aggregate capital of a financial firm to its business units.

Strategy process in the creative industries

Author(s): Joseph Lampel

Joseph Lampel, is Professor of Strategy at, and one of the "leading stars" of, Cass Business School. Senior Lecturer in Information and Knowledge Management. This is a video Q and A with Professor Joe Lampel conducted by Dr Ajay Bhalla. Both are Cass Experts. Included is the transcript and a summary of the key points.

The economic challenges of an ageing UK population

Author(s): Les Mayhew

Les Mayhew, Professor of Statistics at Cass, examines the significance of the impact of demographic changes.

What is wrong with the chain ladder technique(?)

Author(s): Richard Verrall

The title is both a statement and a question, and in the talk you will find a list of things that are wrong with the chain ladder technique but also a question asking whether it is so bad after all.

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