The changing face of women managers in Japan

Following our pieces on women managers in Asia generally and the specific cases of their situations in China and Kong Kong, we continue our geographical tour around the region with the examples of Japan, a North East Asian economy very different again from the Asia ones covered so far by us. So, we present work and case studies of women managers in Japan from the recently published Changing Face of Women Managers in Asia by the authors (Rowley and Yukongdi, 2009).

Updated: 22/09/2011
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The changing face of women managers in China and Hong Kong

We present work, analysis, findings and case studies of women managers in China and Hong Kong, the first two of nine diverse economies featured in the book The Changing Face of Women Managers in Asia, Routledge (2009).

Updated: 05/01/2015
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Employment practices in the recession

Podcast with Professor Chris Rowley on China Radio International. A discussion and analysis of some of the key reasons for the different strategies used in the post-2008 recession and issues within them, with examples. This includes employee retention, skills enhancement and unemployment in the EU, US and Asia.

Updated: 22/09/2011
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The financial crisis and banking bonus tax

Podcast with Professor Chris Rowley on China Radio International. A discussion and analysis of the purpose and impacts of the UK reward systems and banking bonus.

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The British are not coming! UK higher education and the nonprofit sector

This article explores the factors that have prevented parallel growth in education provision. It argues that the university as an institution, both in terms of its nature and its power structures, is one of those factors. It presents the story of the closing of the world's first voluntary sector course at the London School of Economics and concludes with reflection on the likely future of voluntary sector management education provision in the United Kingdom.

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Optimism and portfolio choice


Gulnur Muradoglu

Any Industry

This study develops three heuristics to measure financial optimism: financialexpectation, a priori optimism, and a posteriori optimism. This paper finds that financial optimism has a significant positive effect on risk taking behaviour.

Updated: 24/10/2011
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Elements in management learning: from individual to organisational learning

The development of capacity to transfer knowledge across the organisation, the sharing of expertise and information as well as the emphasis on continuous adaptation have all lead to the emergence of organisation learning (OL). This is also often linked to the 'learning organisation'. These developments have key implications for management and human resource management (HRM) especially.

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China’s chimera: miracle or mirage in the ‘Middle Kingdom’

China is increasingly seen as an 'economic superpower' and is so intimately linked to the US that the two countries are being dubbed the 'G2'. As outward investment has grown China has become the biggest lender to the US with one result being that the RMB is predicted to become a reserve currency. Is this performance a miracle or is it a mirage hiding some real economic dangers?

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The changing face of women managers in Asia: background and introduction

The Asian economies covered by contemporary collection have undergone rapid economic transformation. Until now, most research on contemporary women managers has been drawn from studies conducted in developed countries.

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