The Future of Video - why businesses should prepare for a boom in video usage

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg claimed that we are entering 'the golden age of video'. New research at Cass Business school, produced in association with Imagen, supports this view, demonstrating that video will dominate internet usage in the years to come, for both individuals and businesses.

Updated: 04/04/2016
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Competing in turbulent environments: lessons from Formula 1

A panel of academics, journalists and senior industry representatives came together at Cass Business School in February to discuss what Formula 1 can teach other industries about competing, innovation and success.

Updated: 17/02/2016
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When does knowledge acquisition in R&D alliances increase new product development?

In the continual quest to develop new technologies and products, many companies form Research & Development alliances. This study looks at how firms should select their alliances in order to optimise the benefits from them.

Updated: 11/01/2016
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Business Models and People Management in the Indian IT Industry

The Indian IT industry has sustained high levels of growth in revenues and employment since the late 1980s. This study examines how managers and entrepreneurs in the Indian IT industry have explored and exploited human capital opportunities at various stages of the industry's evolution to create both innovative human resources (HR) practices and new business models.

Updated: 16/06/2015
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Saving Formula 1 - collaboration could be key

The high cost of competing in Formula 1 has led to ever fewer teams entering the Championship; a sign of poor health for the sport. Cass research into business models highlights ways both large and small teams can work together to ensure benefits for themselves and Formula 1 as a whole.

Updated: 02/07/2015
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Value Creation in the Video Games Industry

The video game industry has become a significant contributor to the global entertainment economy, yet up to now it has received little attention from academic researchers. This research presents a conceptual framework of value creation through video games that will hopefully inspire further research opportunities.

Updated: 09/02/2017
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Open innovation norms and knowledge transfer in interfirm technology alliances

How does knowledge transfer in interfirm technology alliances change when an industry norm of collaboration evolves? Firms tend to transfer more knowledge in technology joint ventures compared to contractual technology agreements. Using insights from new institutional economics, this research explores thet extent to which alliance governance association with interfirm knowledge transfer is sensitive to an evolving industry norm of collaboration connected to the logic of open innovation.

Updated: 09/02/2017
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Building Better Business Models for the Digital Economy


Charles Baden-Fuller

 et al.

Professor Charles Baden-Fuller, Centenary Professor of Cass Business School is leading an international team of experts to conduct cutting edge, industry focused research on how business models can be better designed, built and implemented to exploit the potential of digital technologies.

Updated: 13/09/2013
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Innovation and the critical role of supplier support - the case of the Tyrell P34

In the 1970s an innovative design of car threatened to achieve dominance in Formula 1, but was stymied by lack of supplier support. Paolo Aversa discusses the history of the Tyrell P34, a case which confirms the critical importance of strategic suppliers to innovation in industry.

Updated: 09/02/2017
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