69 is the new 27 - why rock stars have a new milestone to fear


Les Mayhew

A rock and roll lifestyle has traditionally been perceived as having a 27 year cut-off point, but recent research shows that it's their late 60s that rock stars really need to worry about.

Updated: 25/11/2016
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Why should I attend? The value of business networking events.

The events industry is worth billions of dollars and continues to grow, despite the existence of technology that could eat into the market. This study examines and measures the value an individual derives from such networking events.

Updated: 25/07/2015
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‘To study or not to study marketing? That is the question.’

Love or hate it, virtually everyone is touched by and involved in marketing in some way. This paper takes a balanced look at the evidence for and against the subject to help answer the question "Why do people study Marketing?"

Updated: 14/04/2015
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The Hollywood remake - when does it make sense to do it again? An empirical investigation.

With the amount of remakes the Hollywood film industry pumps out anyone would think they are a safe bet for box office success, but this isn't always the case. This research uncovers the factors that determine why some remakes are far more successful than others.

Updated: 01/09/2014
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How nimble companies invest and grow during competitive times

This article looks at how a small yet innovative Italian motorsports company demonstrated a way of both innovating and growing during a time of recession.

Updated: 06/07/2014
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The Importance of Reciprocal Spillover Effects for the Valuation of Bestseller Brands

Category extensions occur when a firm holding the rights to a well-known brand uses or licences that brand for use in a different product category. Measuring the value of category extensions is of key importance when granting licences to other firms. This study offers guidance to managers of entertainment products on how to value such rights, while acknowledging the important roles of 'reciprocal spillover effects'.

Updated: 10/02/2017
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Beware! When Brand ambassadors go astray

Market experts warn that the intricate synonymous links between global brands and sportspeople is extremely risky in today's social media-led world.

Updated: 21/10/2015
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How to attract Generation Z - social media and the students of the future

Universities need to appeal to younger age groups through the media they understand: the social kind. Professor Vince Mitchell pinpoints the benefits and means of sowing the seed of interest in education in the generation born since 2001.

Updated: 09/02/2017
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How the popularity of on-demand viewing is radically altering ad placement dynamic

Professor Vince Mitchell looks at how consumers are gaining greater control over what content they watch, when they watch it and how they watch it, thanks to on-demand viewing. Although consumers are being empowered by this increase in control, there are also opportunities for marketers to more efficiently target their advertising, thanks to the information on-demand viewing generates.

Updated: 10/02/2017
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