Financial Market Indices: Facilitating Innovation, Monitoring Markets

This paper explains how and why investors use financial market indices and, in so doing, tells the story of this investment revolution. In particular it explains how, via the products created by asset managers, investors benefit from the very competitive index industry which produces a wide range of indices for asset classes with different compositions.

Updated: 24/03/2015
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Hot Money - the importance of bank credit flows to emerging markets during the globalisation era


Ana-Maria Fuertes

 et al.

An empirical investigation of the relative importance of hot money in bank credit and portfolio flows from the US to 18 emerging markets over the period 1988-2012.

Updated: 03/03/2015
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The secret to job satisfaction? Work for a competent boss.


Benjamin Artz

 et al.

This research, conducted by academics from Warwick University, the University of Wisconsin and Cass Business School, documents formal evidence finding that the technical competence of a boss is the single strongest predictor of an employee's well-being.

Updated: 09/04/2015
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DC reinvented – addressing the challenges that lie ahead

With revolution replacing evolution in UK DC pensions, Chris Wagstaff, Senior Visiting Fellow, considers the challenges that lie ahead for the world's fastest growing DC market and what the key ingredients are for engineering good DC member outcomes to and through retirement.

Updated: 04/03/2015
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Parents versus Peers - how these groups influence the Internet Ethical Attitudes of Generation Y

Who most influences the online ethics of the world's first web generation - Generation Y? This research looks at the respective influences of parents and peers.

Updated: 03/03/2015
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Dynamic Client Portfolios as Sources of Ambidexterity: Exploration and Exploitation Within and Across Client Relationships

Organisational Ambidexterity, where a business exploits existing knowledge at the same time it explores its future path, is a concept that has energised scholars of late. This paper explains how dynamic client portfolios can be a source of ambidexterity for knowledge intensive firms (KIFs).

Updated: 07/01/2015
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The Compensation Premium in the “Sin” Industries of Tobacco, Alcohol and Gambling.

If you are an executive for a tobacco, alcohol or gambling firm, there's a chance your social status will suffer due to negative perceptions of the industry you work in. This research examines whether such executives demand a premium in their pay to compensate.

Updated: 29/12/2014
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CGAP Briefing Note 11 - A decade of donations in the UK: household gifts to charity, 2001-11

This Briefing note updates figures and charts presented in previous briefing notes in the CGAP series.

Updated: 11/12/2014
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CGAP Briefing Note 7 - How generous is the UK? Charitable giving in the context of household spending

How generous is the UK? This briefing note considers relative levels of generosity in the UK by looking at the connection between household budgets and donations to charity.

Updated: 10/12/2014
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