The Visible Hand of Consultants in the Construction of Markets for Virtue

Despite the resurgence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), little is known about the social construction of CSR markets. This paper looks at the visible hand of management consultants in the creation of markets for virtue. It sheds light on three distinctive roles played by CSR consultants: as social and environmental issues translators, market boundary negotiators, and responsive regulation enactors. These roles clarify the regulative dynamics underlying CSR commodification and advance our understanding of consultancy work in the CSR domain.

Updated: 15/07/2013
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The Importance of Human Capital Analysis: Risk, Ambiguity and Uncertainty


Chris Rowley

 et al.

After recent corporate failures, investors demand to know more about how great a factor the human element is as a key indicator of risk and of potential future value in firms.

Updated: 16/12/2014
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Who's in charge? Exploring leadership dynamics in professional service firms

This research represents a ground-breaking, in-depth study into leadership dynamics in professional service firms. It examines how leaders of these firms exert their influence, and analyses how they enact and resolve internal power dynamics.

Updated: 25/06/2014
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How to attract Generation Z - social media and the students of the future

Universities need to appeal to younger age groups through the media they understand: the social kind. Professor Vince Mitchell pinpoints the benefits and means of sowing the seed of interest in education in the generation born since 2001.

Updated: 16/12/2014
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Marketing's Lost Role - reclaiming revenue management


Vincent Mitchell

 et al.

Marketing has largely ceded control of demand management and revenue analysis to departments with less knowledge of customers and markets. This research outlines causes for poor revenue analysis, and how marketers might reclaim control of this important aspect of business.

Updated: 16/12/2014
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Knowledge Acquisition Competencies for Non-profit Leaders

This paper synthesises literature on the development of knowledge processes, especially knowledge acquisition. Competencies required for knowledge acquisition in nonprofits are presented and classified by theme, and illustrated by an empirical analysis of data from major performing arts boards.

Updated: 07/12/2014
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How the popularity of on-demand viewing is radically altering ad placement dynamic

Professor Vince Mitchell looks at how consumers are gaining greater control over what content they watch, when they watch it and how they watch it, thanks to on-demand viewing. Although consumers are being empowered by this increase in control, there are also opportunities for marketers to more efficiently target their advertising, thanks to the information on-demand viewing generates.

Updated: 15/11/2014
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The Role of Knowledge Management Strategies and Task Knowledge in Stimulating Service Innovation

Are service firms that enact strategies to manage their new service development knowledge able to generate a sustainable competitive advantage? Based on analysis of data from a large survey of service companies, the answer is yes. We find that companies employing the knowledge management strategies of codification and personalisation reflect higher levels of NSD knowledge. However, the two strategies vary in their individual performance outcomes, with codification promoting NSD proficiency and personalisation promoting greater NSD innovativeness. When used together, the two strategies magnify NSD knowledge, which when combined with NSD proficiency and NSD innovativeness, promote a SCA.

Updated: 07/12/2014
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Research on Markets for Inventions and Implications for R&D Allocation Strategies

This article brings together various streams of research over the last 20 years into the phenomenon of 'markets for inventions', providing a comprehensive framework of understanding and identifying promising paths for future research. In this research, markets for inventions are compared with the other recent phenomenon of open innovation and open source.

Updated: 02/12/2014
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