A UK Equity Bank - how it could help provide income security to an ageing population


Les Mayhew

 et al.

With increased longevity and new regulation an ageing UK population may find their income from pensions inadequate. Research by Cass Business School proposes a state-owned equity bank to help older people release equity from their property in a more efficient and less complex way than currently available.

Updated: 11/08/2014
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How nimble companies invest and grow during competitive times

This article looks at how a small yet innovative Italian motorsports company demonstrated a way of both innovating and growing during a time of recession.

Updated: 06/07/2014
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Reluctant Leaders and Autonomous Followers - Leadership Tactics in Professional Service Firms

How do leaders in professional service firms stake their claim for leadership and, in an environment where all workers consider themselves experts, how do they maintain this position of power?

Updated: 14/07/2014
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Underperformance rife among active mutual fund managers

Almost all active fund managers fail to outperform the market once fees are extracted from returns, according to new research from Cass Business School.

Updated: 18/06/2014
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Distilling the Macroeconomic news flow

As macroeconomic news and financial data is reported with ever increasing frequency, this research proposes a simple but effective method for extracting information relevant for the tracking of current economic conditions.

Updated: 12/06/2014
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Acquiring Political Intelligence

In business, analytical intelligence is highly valued and emotional intelligence is appreciated more and more, but political intelligence is often overlooked. Cass Business School Professors Andre Spicer and Peter Fleming discuss what this particular skill involves, and how it helps people excel in business.

Updated: 05/06/2014
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ECB Policy and Eurozone Fragility: Was De Grauwe Right?


Elena Kalotychou

 et al.

This research tests De Grauwe's Eurozone fragility hypothesis, which states that member countries of a monetary union are vulnerable to a default paradoxically triggered by investors' attempts to avoid one.

Updated: 19/05/2014
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The Share Economy - how companies are misreading the market


Fleura Bardhi

 et al.

Research at Cass has found that 'Share Economy' businesses such as Zipcar may appeal more to the pragmatism of consumers, and less to their ethics.

Updated: 15/05/2014
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Intelligent solutions for the Risk Management challenges facing UK pension schemes

Chris Wagstaff, Client Director Executive Education and Cass Visiting Fellow, presented his paper "Intelligent solutions for the risk management challenges facing UK pension schemes: a case study", at the 13th annual and internationally renowned Fund Manager Selection Conference.

Updated: 06/05/2014
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