What constitutes a first class pension system? Adopting a global perspective of what defines a good retirement outcome.

Author(s): Chris Wagstaff

This paper takes a comprehensive look at pension systems worldwide and the factors which contribute to that all-important holy grail: generating a comfortable retirement for savers.

Liquid Consumption - why the consumer increasingly prefers access to goods and services over ownership

Author(s): Fleura Bardhi et al.

The 'sharing economy' indicates the increasing importance to consumers of flexible access to goods and services. This paper presents the concept of liquid consumption to explain this shift away from ownership, and suggests how firms can capitalise on it.

Using behavioural interventions to address the inadequacy of retirement provision in the UK

Author(s): Chris Wagstaff

Presenting three thought papers which consider how behavioural impediments to informed decision making regarding pension investments can be overcome.

Why Active Managers are well placed to take advantage of social, economic, and political regime change in 2017

Author(s): Chris Wagstaff

The increases in volatility and lower stock correlations likely to result from political and economic upheaval could provide precisely the environment in which skilled stock pickers can thrive.

M&A - Research Shows the Number of Leaked Deals increased in 2015

Author(s): Scott Moeller

After reaching a six year low in 2014, the number of M&A deal leaks globally increased in 2015, according to recent research conducted by Intralinks and the M&A Research Centre (MARC) at Cass Business School.

A fairer approach to means testing for social care funding in England

Author(s): Les Mayhew

The government's complex method of means testing for social care should be replaced by a fairer and simplified approach, according to a new study from Cass Business School.

What makes a company an attractive M&A target?

Author(s): Scott Moeller et al.

A study by Intralinks, the global technology provider, and Cass Business School found six vital indicators to be aware of to make a company attractive to buyers.

Does the tone of central bank announcements have an effect on asset prices?

Author(s): Maik Schmeling et al.

Joint research from Cass Business School and the Copenhagen Business School has found that the toneof central bank communications has a significant effect on prices in equity, fixed income and option markets.

Measuring the success of the recent wave of UK acquisitions by listed Chinese companies

Author(s): Scott Moeller et al.

Listed Chinese companies have been increasingly active in acquiring UK businesses in recent years. New research from Cass Business School assesses how successful these acquisitions have been in creating shareholder value.

Corporate Governance for a Changing World

Author(s): Jeroen Veldman et al.

Cass academics recently presented this report as part of an international roundtable series identifying the principles and desired outcomes of corporate governance for the coming decades.

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