The Visible Hand of Consultants in the Construction of Markets for Virtue

Despite the resurgence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), little is known about the social construction of CSR markets. This paper looks at the visible hand of management consultants in the creation of markets for virtue. It sheds light on three distinctive roles played by CSR consultants: as social and environmental issues translators, market boundary negotiators, and responsive regulation enactors. These roles clarify the regulative dynamics underlying CSR commodification and advance our understanding of consultancy work in the CSR domain.

Updated: 15/07/2013
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The role of paradox in understanding female career progression within UK professional services firms

In recent years, professional services firms have increasingly promoted their commitment to workplace gender diversity and inclusion (D&I). Research demonstrates that there are three narratives commonly cited to justify D&I. This study argues that the way in which organisational leaders combine and utilise these three narratives can help to predict their success in promoting gender diversity at senior levels.

Updated: 15/04/2013
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Technology Alliance Governance, Partner Selection, and Firm Innovativeness

Interfirm technology alliances represent an important mechanism through which firms develop new technologies, products and processess. Research shows that the governance structure of such alliances is an important factor affecting the contribution it makes to a firm's innovativeness. Joint ventures are proven to be more effective knowledge transfer vehicles than contractual agreements, and yet alliance formation research shows that firms often govern technology alliances by the latter. If innovation motivates technology alliance governance decisions and if joint ventures increase firm innovativeness, then it is not clear why so many alliances are governed by contactual agreement. This paper tackles this conundrum and aims to advance understanding of the mechanisms connecting alliance governance to a firm's innovativeness.

Updated: 04/01/2015
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Investor protection, taxation and dividends


Meziane Lasfer

 et al.

In this article Mohammed Alzahrani and Meziane Lasfer look at how dividend payments of firms listed in 24 OECD member countries are affected by different levels of investor protection. Previous evidence that firms in high investor protection countries pay higher dividends in the presence of tax costs of dividends is reassessed.

Updated: 17/10/2012
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Governance, Ownership Structure and Performance of IPO Firms

Recent trends in corporate governance research show an increased concern with the relationships between stock ownership and corporate performance, but what is the impact of different types of Private Equity Investors? Does the institutional environment have an effect?

A research team including Professor Igor Filatotchev, Professor of Corporate Governance and Strategy, have investigated this further.

Updated: 23/12/2014
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Trust and values in the City

With the recent Occupy movement, the concept of ethics and trust in the City has barely left the news - the perception remains that the City does not serve the wider economy and society.

On October 27th 2011, leading figures came together to discuss a recent initiative to restore trust in the City. The aim of this initiative, established by The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor, Alderman Michael Bear, was to look at practical ways to embed the right values and behaviours in the DNA of every City business and worker.

Updated: 16/12/2014
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Multiple agency perspective, family control, and private information abuse in an emerging economy


Igor Filatotchev

Using a comprehensive sample of listed companies in Hong Kong, this paper investigates how family control affects private information abuses and firm performance in emerging economies.

Was family control associated with an incentive to distort information to certain stakeholders? Read the full report to find out more.

Updated: 14/01/2013
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Roads to ruin: A study of major risk events

This major research report, produced by Cass for Airmic (the Association of Insurance and Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce) investigates the origins and impact of over twenty major corporate crises of the last decade.

The crises examined involved substantial, well known organisations such as Coca-Cola, Shell and BP, as well as some smaller firms. Several did not survive and most of the rest suffered severe damage.

Updated: 31/12/2014
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Playing it safe: Why law firms continue to discriminate on the basis of social class


Louise Ashley

 et al.

It may come as no surprise to read that the UK's leading law firms discriminate on the basis of social class when recruiting but most law firms insist that they value diversity.

One question then is: whydo leading law firms persist in discriminating on the basis of social class? Read the full report to find out more.

Updated: 06/02/2013
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