Germany's nuclear power plant closures and the integration of electricity markets in Europe


Lilian M. de Menezes

 et al.
Public Policy

How does the actions of one European electricity market participant affect other markets within the region? This study looks at what impact Germany's decision to cancel and close its nuclear power stations may have had on neighbouring markets, and what lessons can be learned from it for those seeking pan-European market integration.

Updated: 26/06/2015
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Why should I attend? The value of business networking events.

The events industry is worth billions of dollars and continues to grow, despite the existence of technology that could eat into the market. This study examines and measures the value an individual derives from such networking events.

Updated: 25/07/2015
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An analysis of remittances and charitable donations in the UK

This report highlights the true nature and value of the generosity of the UK's migrant and minority groups

Updated: 18/06/2015
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The new state of donation: Three decades of household giving to charity 1978 – 2008

This report presents a comprehensive analysis of the main trends in giving to charity over the last three decades using data from the government's Living Costs and Food survey.

Updated: 18/06/2015
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Philanthropy and a better society

This report has been compiled in the light of the importance attached by government to the role of increased giving and philanthropy in achieving stronger communities and active citizenship.

Updated: 18/06/2015
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CGAP Working Paper - The relationship between volunteering and charitable giving: review of evidence

This short report provides a synthesis of research findings into the relationship between volunteering and charitable giving.

Updated: 17/06/2015
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CGAP Working Paper 2 - Government Expenditure on the Voluntary Sector in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

This paper, originally released in 2011, analyses government spending in the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish voluntary sectors for the years 2004- 05 to 2008-09.

Updated: 17/06/2015
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Bias Blind Spot: Structure, Measurement, and Consequences

People can be unaware they possess deeply rooted bias which informs many of their personal and professional decisions, sometimes to their detriment. This research presents a method of recognising and measuring this 'bias blind spot'; a method that could be an indispensable management tool.

Updated: 10/07/2015
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Business Models and People Management in the Indian IT Industry

The Indian IT industry has sustained high levels of growth in revenues and employment since the late 1980s. This study examines how managers and entrepreneurs in the Indian IT industry have explored and exploited human capital opportunities at various stages of the industry's evolution to create both innovative human resources (HR) practices and new business models.

Updated: 16/06/2015
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