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Fredrik Thuring
Cass Business School


Fredrik obtained his PhD from Cass Business School and is a pricing manager at insurance company RSA.

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  • In this research a new methodology for optimal customer selection in cross-selling of financial services products, such as mortgage loans and non life insurance contracts, is presented. Financial services companies tend to possess significant databases and a long relationship with each customer. In this situation the challenge becomes to use the database in general and specific knowledge of the individual target to estimate the probability of a cross-sale, the cost of a cross-sale attempt, the average discounted future profit and the uncertainty of the profit of the entire cross-sale attempt for that individual. Once reliable estimates for the stochastics of the cross-sale process have been established, one can optimise the cross-sale profit according to a variety of criteria including return and risk. In this paper, we first consider the simple question of optimising the average profit, but we also consider one version of adjusting for risk when optimising cross-sale profits. Our extensive case study is taken from non-life insurance, where our sales probability model is provided to us by the company that also provided us with the data.

    29/10/2012 | 5,039
  • Financial services companies wishing to increase their sales may look to their existing customer base for cross-selling opportunities. Information on customer behaviour can be analysed to assess whether or not more products should be offered. In particular, data on past claiming history and information on payment defaulting can be useful in determining how an individual customer is likely to act with another type of product. This study demonstrates a method for using historical information to both identify potential customers for cross-selling and assess their 'risk profile'. It may help companies improve their marketing to existing customers, and ultimately lead to higher profits.

    22/10/2012 | 9,641
  • This article considers Danish insurance business lines for which the pricing methodology has been dramatically upgraded recently.

    22/09/2011 | 5,580