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Joseph Lampel
Cass Business School


Professor of Strategy and Innovation, Faculty of Management.Joseph Lampel has been with Cass since 2002. He is the author with Henry Mintzberg and Bruce Ahlstrand of the "Strategy Safari", Free Press'Prentice-Hall (Second Edition, 2009). He is also the editor with Henry Mintzberg, James Brian Quinn, and Sumantra Ghoshal of the fourth edition of The Strategy Process , Prentice-Hall, and the editor with Theresa Lant and Jamal Shamsie of the The Business of Culture: Emerging Perspectives on Cultural Industries, Lawrence-Erlbaum (2005). He has published in Strategic Management Journal, Sloan Management Review, Organization Science, Journal of Management, Business Horizons, R&D Management, Small Business Economics, Management Decision, International Organization, International Journal of Technology Management, and Fortune Magazine.

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